POOH's 7th Birthday Swimming ! in AKASAI(16.8.7.)

Friends Swimming ! in TAKAHAMA(16.5.25.)

Wire BBQ off in Awajishima(16.5.22.)

GRT in Tateshina ranch(16.5.15.)

Family hiking in TAKAHAMA(16.5.1.)

Pool with Fio Ponta Ram(16.4.13.)

Mineyama-Kogen hike(16.4.2.)

UwanoKogen snowplay with Harry(16.3.2.)

UwanoKogen snowplay with doglab(16.2.18.)

POOL !!!(16.2.3.)

GRT Norvis in UMIFURE(16.1.31.)

UwanoKogen snowplay with friends(16.1.27.)

UwanoKogen family snowplay(16.1.17.)


Wire BBQ off in MikiHorselandPark(15.11.23.)

Family treking in UwanoKogen(15.11.22.)

GRTA Championship in Tateshina Ranch(15.10.31.-11.01.)

Norwegian Wood(15.9.20.)

POOL !!!(15.8.30.)

Swimming in Akasai 2(15.8.25.)

Nagatomo Sinpei(15.8.23.)

Swimming in Akasai(15.7.20.)

Swimming in Taganohama(15.6.20.)

POOL !!!(15.5.20.)

Happy wire BBQ(15.5.17.)

GRT in TATESHINA Ranch(15.5.10.)

Arimafuji hiking(15.5.5.)

Miki Horselandpark(15.4.23.)

GRT in Hirugano Ski(15.4.11.-12.)

GRT Seminar in Fumotoppara & Woff(15.3.21.-22.)

Snowplaying in Chikusa 3(15.3.2.)

Snowplaying in Mineyama(15.2.11.)

Snowplaying in Chikusa 2(15.2.7.)

TokyoInternationalQuiltFestibal (15.1.2526.)

Snowplaying in Chikusa(15.1.24.)

GRT Renshukai in MikiHorselandpark(15.1.5.)

Wire BBQ Off in Miki HorselandPark(14.11.22.)

GRT Championship in GokoRanch(14.11.2.)

Dog Bus Tour to Woof(14.10.9-10.)

GRT in Kirigamine(14.10.5.)

2014 Taganohama Swimming(14.9.21.)

River Activity in AKASAI(14.9.14.)

Taganohama Swimming(14.9.13.)

River Swimming & Trecking in AKASAI(14.8.31.)

Awajishima Trip!(14.8.23.)

River Activity(14.8.17.)

Happy 5th Birthday !(14.8.7.)

Swimming in Pool(14.7.23.)

Family trip to Ikuno & rivers(14.7.20.)

Awaji Blueberry & Swimming(14.7.18.)

Family Swimming in Wakasa(14.6.29.)

Swimming in Pool(14.6.18.)

Wire BBQ Off in Awaji(14.5.18.)

GRT in Tateshina Farm(14.5.10.-11.)

Happy Trecking in Uwano(14.5.6.)

Happy 12th Birthday TOTTI(14.4.29.)

GRT in Hirugano(14.4.12.-13.)

Training&Run in Maishima(14.4.2.)

Enjoy Swimming in Granddogland(14.3.20.)

Snow playing in Chikusa(14.3.12.)

GRT in Fumotoppara(14.3.9.)

Training&Run in Maishima(14.3.4.)

Swimming? in Ashiyahama(14.2.26.)

Walk&Run in Maishima(14.2.20.)

GRT Training on snow in Uwano(14.2.16.)

Snow playing in Chikusa(14.2.13.)

Snow playing in Chikusa(14.2.11.)

Tokyo Quilt Festival(14.1.28.-29.)

Snow playing in KinoDendo(14.1.25.)

Snow playing in Chikusa(14.1.13.)

Airdale Puppy(14.1.7.)

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